When Linness of Sauvage is rescued from a burning stake by a brave knight known as Paxton, her mystic visions tell her that their souls are bound for all eternity.

After a glorious night of unbridled passion, Linness awakens alone with nothing but Paxton's ring and his child nestled within her womb.

Linness' destiny takes her to Chateau Gaillard where, assuming a dead woman's identity, she weds Lord Morgan de Gaillard Chamberlain, not knowing he is Paxton's fraternal twin.

Six years pass and Linness and Morgan's marriage has become one of convenience. Linness is grateful, as she still longs for Paxton.

Paxton is stunned to find her at the Chateau. He knows that Jean Luc is his son, and curses the fates that have been so cruel as to deny him his heart. Though Linness tries to remain faithful to her husband, the force of Paxton's love is too strong to be denied. Their forbidden love burns brighter than the heavens. Yet, there are dark, malevolent forces that seek to drive the lovers apart and to burn Linness at the stake once and for all.

Hauntingly beautiful, lyrical and magical, A KISS IN THE NIGHT will steal your breath away with the magnitude of its emotional intensity. Linness and Paxton's love will give you chills; make you weep with sorrow and joy as you share their woes and triumphs. Ms. Horsman weaves a colorful tapestry which inevitably draws you into a tale that becomes a living, breathing mystical journey through time. SENSUAL (July, 410 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox