Image of Kiss of Pride: A Deadly Angels Book


Image of Kiss of Pride: A Deadly Angels Book

Hill’s newest Deadly Angels book is a great read, especially if you’ve had a bad day. While the novel’s premise could be taken as a satire on the topic of good vs. evil, the story is a no-holds-barred funny, sexy romance. The setting of Transylvania, Pa., is a humorous spin on Twilight and True Blood. The Viking characters are vampire angels paying penance for 700 years of aiding mankind to defeat evil. This delightful story is fast-paced, entertaining and it will leave the reader craving more.

Count Vikar Sigurdsson has purchased a crumbling castle and he has 30 days to turn it into an ultra-modern luxury hotel and the Viking headquarters. Reporter Alexandra Kelly is ready to shoot her husband and daughters’ killers if they are not convicted of murder. While staying at the castle, she helps Vikar complete the renovation in record time. Vikar finds himself overwhelmingly attracted to Alex. She is the woman of his dreams, and he uses his vampire powers to prevent her from committing murder. When asked by the “powers that be,” he must decide if he would give up redemption to save her life. (AVON, May, 302 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin