When Sterling Harlow, aka Devil of Devonbrooke, learns of his mothers death, he seeks to reclaim the family home he has not seen since he was sold to his uncle in order to settle his fathers gambling debts. The coldhearted duke cares not that this is the only safe haven for his mothers ward and companion, Laura Fairleigh, and her siblings.

The duchess will stipulates that if Laura marries by her 21st birthdaywhich is in three weeksshe will be deeded the house. While walking in the park one morning, she comes across a beaten man who has lost his memory. Laura seizes the opportunity, telling him that he is her fianci and insists on nursing him back to health for their upcoming nuptials.

Little does she know her mystery man is the very devil she fearedSterling Harlow! Laura convinces her charge he is a good, kind man, but what will happen when the dangerous duke recovers his memory?

As shes done before, Teresa Medeiros has taken the basis of a classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, and given it her own twist. Brimming over with warmth and tenderness, the joy of family, and the redemption of a lost soul, A KISS TO REMEMBER is a story you will never forget. Ms. Medeiros cements her place in your hearts and on your bookshelves with another classic. SENSUAL (Jul., 324 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin