This book is filled with individuals struggling with their emotions and decisions, all of which make for a moving and touching reading experience.

Exploring the twists and turns of human relationships, Chamberlain returns to Kiss River and the characters first introduced in Keeper of the Light.

Divorced schoolteacher Gina Higgins has been trying to adopt a sick young girl from an orphanage in India. With illogical and unexpected roadblocks thrown her way, Gina is forced to go outside the system.

To finance her quest, she must look to an old secret revealed in a young girl's diary. The key to everything lies in the historic Kiss River lighthouse. When Gina arrives in the Outer Banks, she discovers the light house has been partially destroyed due to a hurricane.

Widower Clay O'Neill shares the lightkeeper's house with his troubled sister, Lacey. When Gina arrives, Lacey invites her to stay with them.

Will the pair be able to overcome their individual challenges and create a life together?

(Jan., 384 pp., $6.50, Hardcover published February 2003.)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith