Owen d'Arcy lives a dangerous life as a spy for the French. His assignment is to seduce the widow Lady Pen Bryanston.

As confidante to the Princess Mary, Pen is privy to the goings on in the princess' household. Though attracted to the tall mysterious man, Pen is not easily seduced. Owen might just be the man to help her solve the puzzle that haunts her life. Two years before, Pen was told her son was stillborn, but she heard him cry. An exchange is made: Owen's help in finding her son for Pen's help in spying on the princess. Pen went willingly to Owen once, but can she trust him?

The search for her son, the secrets they harbor and the jeopardy that threatens their lives while trying to save the princess tests the love of these two passionate people. Against the backdrop of espionage and intrigue in the court of young Edward VI, Ms Feather writes a story filled with sensuality, passion and poignancy. SENSUAL (Feb., 314 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond