Image of Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk)


Image of Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk)

Kiss of Steel is an enthralling debut with rich steampunk and vampire elements, and a leading man as wicked as he is irresistible. McMaster has crafted a hero and heroine who are intellectual and emotional equals; their love affair is heart-wrenching, redemptive and stirringly passionate. Expertly rounded out by pulse-pounding adventure, dastardly villains and complex secondary characters, this is a series opener to be read and savored.

Honoria Todd seeks safety in the slums of Whitechapel, desperate to evade the bloodthirsty Echelon who reign over the City of London. With an ill brother and a hungry sister, she will do anything to ensure their survival, even make a deal with Blade, the ruthless ruler of Whitechapel. Infected with the same vampiric virus as the blue-blooded Echelon, Blade has dedicated himself to destroying the man who infected him — the same man who is hunting Honoria and her family. Though he hungers for her blood, Blade is determined to win Honoria’s trust. But, when a monster is set loose on Whitechapel, Blade is forced to let the darkest side of his nature emerge to save the woman he loves — even if it means losing her forever. (SOURCEBOOKS, Sep., 448 pp., $6.99)
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Bridget Keown