Jodi Thomas continues the unforgettable McLain Series with this poignant, exciting, emotional story of wounded characters who find that love truly heals all wounds.

Wes McLain returns from the Civil War with his dreams in tatters. Hes given up on hope and love, but not honor. When he sees a young woman, appearing more animal than human, locked in a cage, Wes is driven to set her free, sweeping her into his arms and away from a terrifying fate.

Since childhood, Allie has been an Indian captive, traded from tribe to tribe. For the last five years, she has spoken to no one. But she knows this man is her salvation, and when he is wounded, she follows his directions and brings him to his family.

Though Wes plans to follow an ancient map to unearth a fabled treasure he vows to help Allie find her family first. To protect her from betrayal and gossip, he marries her.

Their journey brings them face to face with a world-weary lawman, Allies grandmother and a vicious killer, but it is a journey of the heart as well, for as Allie begins to speak and crave Wes touch, he learns of her harsh life and wonders if kisses alone will win her trust.

Jodi Thomas understands the workings of a womans heart and a mans mind. Her heart-stirring stories live within her readers souls long after the book has ended; thats what being a keeper is all about. SENSUAL (June, 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin