Vivian Patin is struggling to open a hotel and restaurant at Rosebank, the property her family inherited from her uncle. Her father's recent death has left Vivian and her mother reeling. To top it off, they have discovered that their finances are virtually nonexistent. A call from their attorney gives them hope—he hints at a windfall coming their way.

But then the attorney is found murdered at Rosebank. As local police begin an inept investigation, Vivian turns to Deputy Sheriff Spike Devol for help. Together these two must join forces to save Vivian's family—and any chance for a shared future.

Cameron masterfully takes readers to a truly enticing place with this suspenseful tale. Her vivid storytelling makes each scene come alive and will draw you in from the first page. (Nov., 400 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson