Garner (aka Sherrill Quinn) introduces her intriguing new Warriors of the Rift series. Her spin on the paranormal is quite different, as parasitic interdimensional entities periodically cross a rift and inhabit human beings, causing them to become one of a variety of supernatural species. Murder ratchets up the tension between races, as Garner provides both a cool premise and interesting characters. One to watch!

It is two years until the return of the comet that will signal the next influx of incorporeal beings to Earth. Although extra-dimensionals have been granted legal protection, things are tense. A series of violent murders of vampires is not helping. Half-human/half-demon Nix de la Fuente is liaising as part of the investigation by the Council of Preternaturals. Keeping control of her demon half is a constant battle for Nix; one that will not be helped by the return of her ex-lover, special agent/vampire Tobias Caine. Solving this case will take them both into uncharted and dangerous waters. (FOREVER, Feb., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith