The first in debut author Serena Gilley's Forbidden Realm series is a fun, sexy tale set in a modern world where mermaids, fairies and humans secretly coexist. While the romance between Aliya and Devin falls a little flat, the secondary budding relationship between fairies Raea and Kyne is filled with plenty of flirty banter and Gilley's world is well constructed, with the rules of the mermaid world being especially interesting. A quick read perfect for paranormal romance readers wanting something steamy and a little different.

It's mermaid Aliya's job to patrol the Great Lake and make sure humans don't discover the supernatural creatures living deep below the surface, but night after night she finds herself drawn to the yacht of human Devin, the go-to spot for Devin to entertain his flavor of the week. While Aliya yearns for just one night with Devin, it's impossible, and very dangerous, for mermaids and humans to couple. When her fairy friend Raea grants her wish of 24 hours in a human body, Aliya doesn't waste a second and soon finds herself falling in love with Devin. But with dusk approaching, Aliya is scheduled to turn back into a mermaid — unless Raea and the fairies can muster up enough wish magic to make their happily ever after a reality. (FOREVER YOURS, dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna