Image of Kisses Like A Devil


Image of Kisses Like A Devil

The Donovan Devils are back, and we're certainly glad! He's a hero any woman would want, and she's the ideal woman for him. Together they make an even better couple. While not as hot as Whiteside's erotic stories, this one has just enough sizzle and sexual tension to satisfy her readers.

Brian Donovan is sent by Teddy Roosevelt to the small country of Eisengau to view its prized cannons. There he meets Meredith Duncan, who works for the cannon designer and also crusades for worker rights. He helps her escape during a police raid, and when her parents try to marry her to a possible wife-killer, she turns to him again.

Brian knows that Meredith can draw the weapon plans from memory, and so do rival Russians, who want to get their hands on the cannons. Brian must destroy the weapons and bring Meredith back to the States, but first they must avoid the Russians on their trail and escape Eisengau. (BRAVA, Feb., 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager