Twenty-nine-year-old Claire Le Noyer has a model life as an accountant with a modest home and a steady relationship with a pastor boyfriend. But she'd rather be a historian delving into mysteries from the past. And she wants to be kissed with passion, not treated fondly like a pet dog. Then a distant relative passes away in Paris and leaves her worldly goods to Claire's father. Claire is delegated to check out the bequest.

She assumes it's just a musty old apartment and some moldering books, but she's eager for a change ... and to become reacquainted with Adrien, the son of family friends. She's definitely not over that old crush from seaside summer vacations. Her blazing attraction to Adrien and the stunning truth behind the mysterious bequest shake Claire's safe world. Even her relationship with God moves into dangerous territory. But if she can survive the turmoil, she just might get everything she always wanted.

Mitchell pens a sparkling charmer. This delicious novel proves that she's a new author to watch. (Jul., 333 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson