Los Angeles jewelry designer Kameko Sayura has done her best to keep her distance from the criminal world of her father and brothers. When her father dies and a priceless White Tiger sword collection disappears, Meko finds herself trapped in a nightmare. To force Meko into a deadly game of cat and mouse, someone kidnaps her assistant, Tara Jones, believing that Meko knows how to find the missing swords. Now, to save Tara's life, she must find them.

Retired army intelligence agent Sean Delaney's predilection for breaking the rules nearly got him killed and has not endeared him to his former boss, General Kalen Grady. Months earlier, Sean even kidnapped Meko while trying to find out if the Sayura family had the missing swords. Now it is Meko who needs to find Sean—he's her only hope in the race to find the blades and save Tara's life.

After manipulating events and people throughout a series of books, Sean finally gets his emotional comeuppance in Hall's latest exciting adventure romance. Readers are in for a wild roller-coaster ride. (Aug., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith