Beautiful, intelligent Cassie Markham and her young brother and sisters are left destitute by their father's untimely death, and are forced to apply to their august relative, the Earl of Worthing, for help. Cassie's plan seems reasonable enough to her. All the Earl needs to do is help her find a husband who'll accept a penniless wife and her three illegitimate siblings! The Earl of Worthing's orderly and serene life is suddenly turned upside down when his mother decides Cassie and her brood are just the antidote to prevent him from becoming a complete replica of his stuffy, starched-up and joyless father, and invites them all to live with them. Cassie may be a country bumpkin, but she is able to teach the staid Earl the value of family and the meaning of love. Nadine Miller's KISSING COUSINS (4.5) is a joy to read with precocious kids, an unconventional heroine and wise and worthy friends. Ms. Miller writes with gentle humor and a considerable understanding of the human heart. (Apr., 229 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck