Image of Kissing with Fangs (Flirting with Fangs)


Image of Kissing with Fangs (Flirting with Fangs)

In the third entry in the Flirting With Fangs series, Chase weaves a fresh story of a modern human woman falling in love with a centuries-old vampire. Taking readers on a ride that is both uplifting and heavy with emotion, Chase constructs a cast of intriguing characters set amidst a flurry of paranormal activity. Throw in an unstable ex-girlfriend and the presence of Mother Nature, and this book is a definite winner!

When the bar Boston Uncommon catches fire, it seems to manager Claudia Fletcher that she’ll have to start over. But that’s no easy feat, especially since she has it bad for her boss. Boston Uncommon’s owner, vampire Anthony Cross, has been in love with Claudia since the day that he met her. He will do anything to keep her in his life — even turn his bar into a tea room. But when paranormal creatures start to disappear, Anthony must juggle his budding relationship with Claudia while trying to find his friends, who seem to have gone missing. Will he be able to rescue his friends and keep the only woman that he has ever loved? (SOURCEBOOKS, Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson