An enchanting combination of
"The Frog Prince" and "Beauty and the Beast," this novel nevertheless has its own unique twists. Wolfe is a hero any woman would be willing to kiss a frog
for, and Lucy discovers that finding the love of your life can be more rewarding than finding success in your career. One mustn't forget the very likeable duke, who manages to find his own happily
ever after too.

Just when Lucy Gordon thought her dreams would come true, they all disintegrated. This aspiring biologist's life is not what she'd imagined, thoush she is living near a castle and dating a duke. Now, as luck would have it, she is sure she's discovered a new species of frog. How dumb of her, then, to kiss it in her excitement!

Now she's stuck with Prince Wolfe of Gwyneddor, who's been released from a 1,000-year enchantment, and only Lucy can save him from a froggy existence. To do so, she will have to give up her own dreams of recognition as a renowned biologist and life as a duchess. Is her future worth the life of a medieval prince?

She really wants to do the right thing—but she can't figure out what it is!

(Jan., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley