Lady Allegra Nesbitt is quite used to the harmless pranks her father, Oxie, plays on members of the ton. His latest plan to bring her to London to find a husband is one she's not interested in at all.

Armand Gautier is a man of mystery who arrived in London with a small fortune and found his way into the ton's inner circles. But few know the truth behind his search for the owner of a handkerchief, or the secrets in his heart. Armand is intrigued by his new neighbors, the Nesbits, especially the daring Allegra, who tricks his butler into letting her into his home. But it is she who is the one caught in her own game when she falls in love with Armand and his tempting kisses.

Armand becomes one of her father's pranksters and more involved with Allegra, but someone is out to use Oxie's pranks as a means to murder. Is there a way to stop him?

This delightful romp with a poignant twist is just what the doctor ordered for a dreary late-winter day. Kasey Michaels certainly knows how to bring a smile and giggle to readers while touching their hearts with the antics of her unforgettable characters. Savor this when you need a lift to your spirit and your mind. SENSUAL (Mar., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin