Kevin Brooks has emerged as a powerhouse young adult writer, and his third book will not disappoint fans who have come to love Brooks' originality, perspective and mature intelligence.

Moo Nelson needs out. Constantly tortured and teased because of his weight, his one solace is the bridge where he goes to escape his life. One day he witnesses a car accident that begins as road rage and ends with murder. As the only witness, Moo finds himself tugged in many directions. Detectives take his statement, and everyone wants to make sure he tells the truth, but that becomes blurred as parents, detectives and Mafia-style lawyers try to bend reality into something to their own liking— and advantage.

Moo is a sad but determined character— a kid who has rocks thrown at him and who makes bad decisions, but who struggles to decide if he already knows the truth. He has no friends and hardly a family to help him. The author delves into Moo's head, capturing his thoughts and actions and making him seem all the more real. (Mar., 336 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris