After ten years Tess Cameron sees her long-lost husband, railroad investigator Gabe Montana Rawlins Cameron, at a country fair where her greased pig, Rosie, is entered in a pig race. Gabe is shocked to discover that the owner of the lightning fast pig is none other than the wife he hasnt seen since their bitter parting.

When Tess unexpectedly leaves the fair grounds, he follows her to Aurora Springs, a community of misfits in a town where the Kissing Stars twinkle in the Texas sky.

One of the strays is his father, Doc, a star gazer who Gabe blames for his own bitterness. Suddenly confronted with Tess, Gabe realizes hes still in love and wants her back.

They are enroute to getting their relationship back on track when Doc lands in trouble. The old eccentric has been spending time in the local caves, studying the pictographs on the walls, much to the anger of the railroad.

When accidents begin, Doc is blamed. Tess defends him, but Gabe refuses to believe in his fathers innocence. More obstacles arise. Doc kidnaps an old enemy of Gabes, and there are mysterious accidents, a shootout and a near-drowning.

Through all this turmoil peace and redemption are found.

Poignancy blends with humor in a the heartwarming tale. Geralyn Dawson takes her place with the finest American romance writers. This delightful volume showcases her unique style for creating memorable stories and characters of great depth. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager