Image of From the Kitchen of Half Truth


Image of From the Kitchen of Half Truth

A gorgeous tale of love, loss and making sense of the past. The characters could have been wooden stereotypes, but instead are filled with energy and life. Readers will be curious about Meg’s true origins, but will understand her mother’s fanciful tales when all is revealed.

After a childhood filled with tall tales about her upbringing — her father was a chef who died in a pastry accident, Meg was such a small baby they put her on the windowsill to grow — Meg May just wants the truth about her past. She was made fun of for believing these stories, which drove Meg to believe in science and other things that could be absolutely proven. With her mother terminally ill, Meg is on a mission to discover the truth about her past, even if her mother is not willing or able to share. (SOURCEBOOKS, Apr., 352 pp. $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel