Image of Kitty in the Underworld (Kitty Norville)


Image of Kitty in the Underworld (Kitty Norville)

The fight against Roman and the “Long Game” is front and center in this thrilling new chapter in Vaughn’s long-running and totally terrific series featuring celebrity radio host/werewolf Kitty Norville. Over the course of this outstanding set of tales, Kitty has faced numerous challenges, and the risks only escalate as her heroic journey continues.

Kitty and Ben are still adjusting to having a new master vampire in Denver when Kitty is called out to investigate an intrusion into pack territory. Shot with a tranquilizer dart, Kitty wakes up in an underground prison housed within an abandoned silver mine. Who are her captors and what do they want? Kitty soon learns that they are part of a mysterious cult set on destroying Roman’s Dux Bellorum. They believe that Kitty is the avatar for the Regina Luporum and they want her to join with them in a dangerous ritual. (TOR, Aug., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith