Kiziah has been having strange dreams that lead her to a fortuneteller. The cards have lined up for her and are pointing to her past, present and future. Meanwhile, Cable, a padrall whose family has served the vampire race for generations, is content in his role but, oddly enough, he desires Kiziah beyond all common reasoning. Then there is Fane, a dhampir, a soldier of the vampire race, who must protect his kind until the Transformation occurs and he becomes a full vampire.

Kiziah, Cable and Fane's lives will forever be intertwined. Until now, Cable and Fane's highly charged sex life has been more than satisfying to both men. Now, with a woman involved, each of the men have their time with her, falling into the fortuned future. Will the three get along, even though Cable and Fane had hoped to get permission to remain a couple without a female? Although Fane knows he must find a kadine, an eternal female mate, he feels he can never love another as much as he loves Cable.

For fans of strong sexual writing, Strong is right on target. In most paranormal fiction, vampires are strong and sensual creatures, and it's no different here. Readers should be aware, however, that the male/male scenes are highly explicit, and that almost all of the other sex scenes are threesomes with Kiziah. Even though the sexuality is the underlying theme here, the bonding that must take place and a relative danger facing at least two of the major players will also delight. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling