Image of Klondike Medicine Woman (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of Klondike Medicine Woman (Love Inspired Historical)

KLONDIKE MEDICINE WOMAN (4) by Linda Ford: Treasure Creek, Alaska, 1898: Teena Crow wants to learn the white man’s way of healing more than anything, and hopes the new doctor in town, Dr. Jacob Calloway, will be the one to teach her. Jacob plans on staying in the frontier town just long enough to get a hospital built and staffed, then it’s back to civilization. He is appalled that people allow Teena to use her primitive medicine to heal them, and he believes she is doing more harm than good. For the good of the town, Teena will need to teach him the various uses of the plants growing around them and make him realize she is truly helping, while he will need to teach her his ways of treating people. A great story, this one has a budding romance, the romance of striking it rich during the Alaska Gold Rush and new ideas in medicine meeting old ideas of how to treat people. The well-written characters work well together.

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans