No one writes about the lives and loves of the Mounties better than Bridges, whose passion for these men in uniform is matched only by her desire to write an entertaining, charming book.

Genevieve Summerville arrives in the Yukon to discover that her fiance is in the goldfields, and she's to marry him with inspector Luke Hunter standing in as his proxy. They are shocked when they discover the judge put their names on the marriage certificate right before he dropped dead.

When they are quarantined until it can be discovered what killed the judge, the sparks between the hardheaded Mountie and the strong-willed Genevieve fly. But they're not alone. The rest of the "wedding party" is quarantined with them; Joshua returns to find his bride with another man; and there's still the mystery of how the judge died. (Harlequin, Sep., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin