Stephan of Wilmont, a knight in the service of king and country, is tall and strong with dark hair and piercing green eyes. It is time he took a wife.

Carolyn de Grasse is looking for a husband. Since she has buried two older husbands already, wouldnt a younger man be a better choice? Stephan is just 22.

While seeking Carolyn in London, Stephan unexpectedly encounters his first love, Marian de Lacy, a woman he abandoned. His life is about to become very uncomfortable, as Marian is Carolyns cousin.

He finds Marian now has twin girls, Lyssa and Audra, who face danger from superstitious persecution for being twins. Can he help Marian and her children?

Set in medieval England during the time of King Henry, this is an entertaining tale of romance with love lost, found, and rekindled. The story is told mostly through dialogue and thoughts and thus starts off slowly. The plot is lacking in conflict, and there are few surprises for the reader. This is, however, a good book to pull you out of everyday life. (Feb., 244 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabrielle Pantera