Image of Knave's Honor (King John, Book 3)


Image of Knave's Honor (King John, Book 3)

Moore's medieval starts on an exciting note and maintains that sensation over the course of the whole book. She's created a great hero and heroine who take on a vile, well-written villain, and the love scenes, even though they're mild, add a great deal to the story.

Lady Elizabeth d'Averette meets an intriguing Irish gentleman who calls himself Sir Oliver de Leslille on her journey home to Kent. His chivalry is second only to his handsome and sensual looks. She's in his debt when he rescues her from certain rape and possible death after their entourage is attacked. When he offers to escort them to safety at a nunnery, Lizette wonders just what she has gotten herself into. Then she discovers he's a thief who demands kisses from his female victims.

Finn is no knight in shining armor, he's a lowly thief who comes to a maiden's aid. Now he must do the same for his brother, who has been imprisoned by Lord Wimarc, the same man who ordered Lizette's abduction. When Lizette learns Finn's situation, she's compassionate and offers to help. They pretend to be newlyweds to get into the castle to aid Finn's brother and to find out why the lord wanted Lizette kidnapped. But their pretense goes awry when both are drawn into a sensual net. (HQN, Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith