In order to reclaim his ancestral home, Stephen Fitzhugh must locate King Arthurs Holy Grail. Cynical, Stephen follows the Grails trail to the Abbey of Glastonbury. There he discovers the former abbots papers were given to his niece, Aislinn, a beautiful and clever young woman who guards the secrets with her life. Aislinn realizes the value of her uncles diary and the mysteries of the abbey. She will not allow a handsome knight to trick or seduce her into turning traitor. Instead, she forces Stephen to let her join his investigation.

Their search leads them into battles and grave danger as others, including the Knights Templar, seek the knowledge they possess. Is there really a Holy Grail and will others believe what Stephen and Aislinn discover?

Fast-paced, exciting, colorful and able to capture the true atmosphere of the era, Juliana Garretts latest infuses the pageantry, magic, romance and thrill of the middle ages into each and every page of this marvelous read. SENSUAL (May, 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin