Inspired by a real medieval court case, Isolde Martyn has woven a mesmerizing
tale of political intrigue, suspense, mystery, betrayal and love.

Lady Johanna FitzHenry is caught in
a loveless marriage to a ruthless man. Her only hope for freedom comes when her
mother devises a dangerous scheme. She helps Johanna claim she was betrothed to
another before her marriage, thus rendering the marriage null and void.

All she has to do is convince the stranger seeking shelter in her home to go
along with the charade. Gervase de Laval has his own reasons for agreeing to
Johanna's plan, reasons that are best never discovered by Johanna. He will
pretend to be a poor traveling scholar and her "betrothed" for the safety his new
identity offers.

Neither has any idea of how strong the passion will blossom between them or the
great danger they will face as they are pulled into the intrigues and dangers of
the king's court. The secrets Gervase has tried to hide will come to haunt them,
and their love will be tested by misunderstanding and betrayal.

The lush, richly textured historical backdrop as well as the finely drawn
characters and political suspense are just what
readers have been looking for when they say "give me more history with my
romance." Readers will find everything they seek within the pages of this
sweeping and highly romantic novel. Sit back and savor this banquet. SENSUAL
(Feb., 452 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin