Like all the women in her family, Gwenellen Drummond possesses powers. The only problem is that every time she tries a spell it backfires. Feeling like the worst witch ever, but not one to quit, she attempts a new spell and falls from the sky into the middle of death and destruction.

Andrew Ross returns to find his home in ruins, his family murdered by his sworn enemy and a strange woman standing in the courtyard. It's here Gwenellen discovers her true gift: She can see and talk to the dead. Now it's up to her to help save Andrew and the people of Ross Abby.

Allow the aura of magic and myth to envelop you in this enchanting story, full of romance, love and healing. Langan easily convinces you to accept Gwenellen's gifts and the history of the Mystical Kingdom. SENSUAL (Oct., 268 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin