What do you get when you mix an arranged marriage plot with a captive/captor twist? Ivie's utterly delightful, quick-paced, medieval romance, brimming with sprightly repartee and plenty of sizzling sexual tension. This book is destined to be a surefire hit with anyone who enjoys a feisty, sexy romp.

Myles Donal is on his way home in a blizzard to marry a woman chosen by his father. What man would want to marry a she-devil known as the Harridan of the Highlands? Seeing lights ahead, Miles seeks shelter in Kendran's tiny croft.

Fleeing an arranged marriage, Kendran is happy to be safe from the storm but not thrilled to be sharing her sanctuary with a man -- even one as handsome as Myles. But the arrogant Scot is not about to leave, either.

With no place to go, these two stubborn souls know how to do only one thing, fight -- but we all know how close love and hate can be. With a chill wind outside and hot passions rising inside, you know what's going to happen -- and you also know that as Myles tames this shrew, she'll conquer his heart so that when the storm is over and they discover one another's identities, marriage may not seem like such a bad idea. (Zebra, Oct., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin