Kinley MacGregor is channeling Sherrilyn Kenyon, delving deeper
into the reimagined Camelot she
created in Lords of Avalon with stronger paranormal overtones. MacGregor assumes they are
already versed in the foundation
of this new Camelot and won't
wonder why a warrior of Avalon
would be playing Sudoku. Yet,
the strong writing, solid story,
intriguing characters and ideas
are thought provoking and raise
readers' expectation for what
will follow.

While Morgen Le Fey controls Camelot, the remnants of the Round Table seek sanctuary in Avalon, and someone is killing the Grail Knights. Merlin calls upon Varian, a demon spawn of Camelot, for help. Varian turned from evil and returning to that world is dangerous.

Merewyn's beauty brought her heartache so she traded her loveliness and ended up an old hag doomed to serve at Camelot. Varian's devious mother promises Merewyn her beauty if she seduces Varian and uncovers the names of the knights. But she can't. She helps Varian escape and along with others determined to protect the world they journey through strange and hazardous lands, evading dragons, demons and their own emotions to find love and save the world. (Avon, Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin