Image of Knight Everlasting


Image of Knight Everlasting

Fans of the Knights will delight with this latest addition. While well written, only the push and pull of sexual desire moves the plot along for the first third of the book. Dialogue, or even introspection, would have cleared up some confusion. As circumstances reveal deeper, darker motivations, the pace and plot quickens to a satisfying conclusion.

A protected and pampered daughter of an English baron, Juliana D’Aubenville’s rescue from King Edward’s soldiers takes her from the cauldron into the fire. Aidan MacKetryck, a reckless, dangerous Highlander laird, refuses to release his captive. Juliana learns this handsome, superstitious Scot was cursed at birth. She guards her secrets while fighting a growing attraction to Aidan. He in turn is determined to uncover her mystery and claim her as his own. Juliana has escaped enemies once before, and believes she can do so again. Sexual tension explodes to form bonds neither can break. Aidan may be laird of the clan but there are plots to bring him down. Juliana must find enough love and strength to save her knight. (ZEBRA, Oct., 343 pp., 6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faye Harris