No matter the cost, Slane Donovan will keep the vow he made to his brother Richard to bring Richards betrothed, Lady Taylor Sullivan, to Castle Donovan.

Taylor fled from her home the night her father burned her mother at the stake. Since then she has traveled with Jared Mantle, hiring out as a mercenary. Shes rough and tumble and a fierce fighter.

Slane finds it hard to believe he has been duped by a woman and she loathes his arrogance. But after Jared is killed, Taylor decides to travel with Slane. Her enemy Corydon will stop at nothing to prevent her reaching Castle Donovan.

Their journey becomes a wild escapade as they out-maneuver Corydon, arriving in plague-ridden Bristol to find Slanes betrothed. The risk of falling in love is more dangerous than their enemies. Slane will never break his vow and Taylor can never allow a man to rule her life. Slane finds his vow difficult to keep when he discovers what his nefarious brother has planned for Taylor.

The action never slows for Taylor and Slane in this adventurous tale, but Laurel ODonnell fails to capture the rich color and true nature of the 14th century. A KNIGHT OF HONOR reads more like a western romance than a medieval, with its more modern dialogue and type of characters. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin