With her debut novel, Devil in a Kilt, Sue-Ellen Welfonder garnered reader attention. She returns this month with another tale as unique and emotional as the first.

Lady Isolde, laird of Clan MacInnes, will do whatever she can to keep peace between the clans after her sister's suspected murder by her husband, the MacLean. Isolde has Donall the Bold, the MacLean's brother, held captive in her dungeon, not for ransom or execution, but to seduce him into becoming her lover.

Anger drives Donall to refuse the lady, which drives her to seduce him. Yet he is not immune to her beauty, dignity or even her scheme to rid herself of an unwanted marriage to a ruthless chieftain and secure peace by becoming his mistress.

Ms. Welfonder cleverly uses their game of seduction to play out a delicious fantasy; who would not want a handsome knight tied to their bed? But it is not just the sizzling sensuality that emanates from Donall and Isolde, but the emotional building of a relationship based on trust and love that truly satisfies many readers' dreams.

Powerful emotions, strong and believable characters, snappy dialogue, and some humorous momentsprovided by Isolde's bodyguards and the wise womenadd depth to the plotline and make this a non-stop read. There is little doubt that Ms. Welfonder is on her way to stardom. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin