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Sidney Vaughn is a free-spirited woman who is beset by dreams of a past life in the 14th century. Under siege by her modern-day almost-fiancée and a prank caller, life continues on its topsy-turvy course when a security man, hired by her aunt, shows up. Sidney is at a loss to explain why he looks like the knight in her dreams and is desperate to make him believe he is her lover from centuries ago.

Baldwin D. Lacey, or Winn, is an ex-cop turned security professional. When he repays a favor from a benefactor in his business, he gets more than he bargained for. His client is beautiful as well as completely off her rocker. Her talk of reincarnation and past lives rattles him to the bone. The attraction he feels for Sidney adds to the chaotic venue of his mind and when she does the unbelievable—lapses into a sleep-regression—he follows her back to a world of knights and ladies.

In Ms. Scott's entertaining novel, kindred spirits and tormented souls seek to right past wrongs and find happiness. Will love transcend the ages? This reviewer says, me thinks ye should read Knight Of My Dreams and find out. (Dec., 265 pp., $14.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith