Image of Knight of Passion (All the King's Men)


Image of Knight of Passion (All the King's Men)

As in the previous book in her All the King’s Men series, Mallory brings history to life, creating dramatic and gut-wrenching stories. Her characters are incredibly alive and readers will feel and believe their sensual and passionate adventures. Mallory raises the genre to new levels.

Lady Linnet has long loved Sir James Rayburn, a king’s man. When her father was taken advantage of by his friends, she and her twin brother became orphaned, homeless and starving. Jamie was hopelessly in love with Linnet and asked for her hand in marriage, but Linnet sacrificed his love for the opportunity to enact vengeance on those who betrayed her family. Five years later Jamie is returning to England and thinking of finding a wife. He no sooner steps into the crowds of London than he must rescue Linnet. The past is forgotten and their romance and deep passion are reignited, but with a different type of vengeance. While slowly making amends and becoming more in love, Linnet has the chance to settle one last vendetta, even though it puts their future at stake. (FOREVER, Jun., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin