Wounded in battle, Sir Hugh is brought to the convent where widowed Lady Edlyn has been working as the herbalist. Her skill alone can save Hugh, but it is their rekindled childhood friendship that truly brings Hugh back from the grave.

Though twice widowed and determined never to wed a warrior, especially the man who had her husband killed for treason, Edlyn finds herself compromised and quickly married to Hugh. Though he would win her heart and soul, Edlyn vows never to be a man's possession or to give up her determination to avoid war whenever possible.

However, Hugh's sensual assault on her does woo and win Eldyn. Still, she is as determined as ever to remain independent.

It is Edlyn who saves them all when they are captured by brigands, and it is her advice that saves Hugh from killing his old Scottish friends in battle and then again when their castle is besieged by Hugh's enemy. It is through both their courage and the power of their love that they survive.

Ms. Dodd combines a keen sense of history, humor and sensuality, turning A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER into a different and engaging medieval romance destined to win a place of honor on readers' shelves. As Hugh gains a new respect and understanding of Edlyn's philosophy and their love blossoms, readers will smile and feel that special warm glow that comes from a satisfying read.SENSUAL (Jan, 358 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin