The second volume in Rexanne Becnels medieval trilogy is Jasper Fitzhughs story. Jaspers brother has entrusted him with taming the people of Wales. He plans to do his job and then move on, out of his brothers shadow. But he is continually plagued by rebels like Rhonwen ap Tomas.

As a child she saved his life, and now as a temptress she stirs his passion. Jasper is attracted to her until she betrays him by kidnapping his niece.

In turn, Jasper captures her rebel leader and supposed lover, Rhys, and bargains for his nieces release and Rhonwens surrender. Jasper decides to take her for his mistress, but his sister- in-law convinces him to turn her into a lady, helping to ensure peace.

Their proximity keeps tensions high. Soon Rhonwen is torn between her loyalty to the Welsh cause and her growing love for her captor. Unable to choose between them, Rhonwen flees, stumbling into a more treacherous plot by a new enemy.

Rexanne Becnel is a marvelous storyteller who breaths life into characters and captures the romanticism of medieval times. SENSUAL (July, 366 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Aileen Cassidy