Set against the tumultuous backdrop of Robert the Bruce's battle to keep Scotland free, KNIGHT TRIUMPHANT tells the tale of Scottish warrior Eric Graham and the English woman, Igrainia of Langley, he holds captive.

The English are holding Scottish prisoners at Langley Castle when the plague strikes, killing Igrainia's beloved husband and hundreds of the prisoners, among them Eric's wife and daughter.

In his grief and anger, Eric takes Langley, a strategic keep, and Igrainia as hostage.

For all her intelligence, nursing skills and beauty, Igrainia knows she is little more than a political pawn. But she will not be treated as less than a lady by the barbarous Scot. In a bold move to keep Langley in his hands, Eric marries Igrainia before she can be forced to wed a powerful English noble.

As war rages about them, and the Bruce fight for the right to rule Scotland, a battle of wills rages at Langley as Igrainia slowly surrenders to the passion Eric ignites in her. Their lover's idyll does not last long as forces gather to free Igrainia and take Eric prisoner.

KNIGHT TRIUMPHANT is a marvelous example of what makes Shannon Drake's romances "keepers." She creates characters who are passionate about life, freedom, and each other and then places them in actual historical situations with real people. There is no lack of sexual tension or biting repartee and the sizzling love story is perfectly woven into the fabric of the history. SENSUAL (Mar., 500 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin