Image of A Knight Well Spent (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of A Knight Well Spent (Zebra Historical Romance)

History and romance blend beautifully in this entertaining medieval love story. Ivie's wit and humor is evident throughout, and readers get an accurate, colorful depiction of this era of warring clans, bold knights and unexpected passion.

In his determination to unite the Scots, Picts and Normans, King David places his favorite Norman knight in a precarious position. Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst is given a fiefdom in exchange for his loyalty, betrothal to David's daughter and a promise to control the Scots. His efforts to keep the Highlanders in check are constantly outmaneuvered by his half-brother and a castle full of rabble rousers who challenge his rule.

But that's nothing compared to the havoc brought by one small healer. Aislynn takes control of the castle and of Rhoenne's heart and soul. But his belief in a family curse compels him to drive her to betray him. Will he realize the truth in time? (Zebra, Oct., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin