With a few highly original and new twists, Linda Lael Miller follows Pirates with another ingenious time-travel romance. 

Five-year-old Megan walks through a magical garden gate to find herself in 13th-century England. Renamed Gloriana, she is betrothed to Dane St. Gregory, fifth baron of Kenbrook. It will take ten years before her bridegroom returns home from his battles.

A valient knight who brings honor and glory to his name, Dane arrives at Kenbrook not to claim Gloriana, but to set her aside, so he can wed the beautiful, fragile French woman Mariette de Troyes.

Incensed that Dane would dare to annul their marriage, Gloriana decides to fight for his love. With the help of the woman who brought her through the gate, she learns how to set his passions aflame. But as the lovers begin to build a new life, Gloriana is once more swept through the tunnel of time, thrust back into the 20th century and somehow she and Dane must find a way to be reunited.

Using her many talents and her special storytelling abilities, Linda Lael Miller spins a magical romance designed to capture the imagination and fill the heart with wonder. KNIGHTS has all the splendor of a medieval romance and all the mysticism of a time-travel to this reader's delight. (Dec., 300 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin