After the Battle of Bannockburn, Alan of Strode returns to his deceased friends keep to inform his widow of her husbands death. There he discovers that his friends final wishes were for Alan to marry the widow, Lady Honor.

Alan is immediately smitten by her, although he did not expect to find himself getting married. Honor is a strong woman who has no wish for a new husband, but she does not want to be left to the whims of her father, so she accepts the marriage.

When Alan, known as Alan the True, discovers that she had accepted him as the lesser of two evils, he is hurt. Alan feels that his emotions have been manipulated by his new wife and that he can no longer trust her.

THE KNIGHTS BRIDE is a story about learning to love, even in less then perfect circumstances. Though the story is well told, readers may find that the characters flaws override the plot. SENSUAL (Jan., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michell Phifer