Townsend brilliantly transports
readers to the turbulent years of
the Norman invasion with a tale of
a battle-weary knight and a young woman on a perilous pilgrimage. Medieval fans will enjoy the colorful backdrop, historical events and realistic characters.

Sunniva of Wereford accompanies her cantankerous father and brothers on a religious pilgrimage, calmly accepting their abuse. However, she surreptitiously watches Marc de Sens and his three orphaned nieces, yearning for the touch of the gentle knight. But she's to be promised to another.

Marc notices the beautiful Sunniva, and when she's attacked by slavers he rescues her. When her kin are killed in battle he becomes her champion. Despite Marc's secret, his reason for being a Norman in Saxon England and the rumors he is a woman killer, Sunniva still falls in love with him. But will her love sustain her when she learns the truth about Marc's past? (ZEBRA, Apr., 352 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin