Image of Knight's Curse (Luna Books)


Image of Knight's Curse (Luna Books)

In this series debut we get a great deal of information, and the further into the story one goes the more sense it will make as Duvall leads us into her imaginative new world. Her heroine is an endearing mixed bag of coiled emotions, and the other characters are a collection of good and evil that readers will want to know more about. And although this first installment is at times confounding, the potential is here for a great series with continued character and plot development.

Orphaned at birth and kidnapped at 13, Chalice never knew about her heritage. She’s been trained as a thief by her abductors, the murderous magic wielders known as the Vyantara. Now 25, Chalice has always been aware of her differences from others, and now she’s about to learn even more about her lineage and her prophesied future. Though supposedly working for The Vyantara, Aydin, an immortal, labors to bring the Hatchet Knights together with the help of one special knight who doesn’t even know who she is. (LUNA, Sep., 384 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt