This delightful story is full of twists and turns. Were Lord and Lady Goodfife murdered? Who exactly is the enigmatic Jane? Fans of classic medieval romance will thoroughly enjoy this read.

Sir Judson Langley has a formidable task. He must find out if Arian, the great granddaughter of Baroness Emily Goodfife, is truly dead. He has been declared the baron's heir in the event he should find evidence of the girl's death.

Arian's stepfather Sir Harold and his second wife, Gwen, are hiding something. But what? It's no secret they want Cresswell Manor for themselves. But to what lengths will they go to obtain it? Murder?

Then Sir Judson is attacked by a filthy urchin while having dinner with Harold and Gwen, and he begins a perilous journey of discovery.

(Sept., 228 pp., dl $4.99, dk $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent