Mariah of Mildenhall lives a quiet life with her elderly husband, Edmond. He wants her to take a lover to give him an heir and keep Mildenhall out of his brother Osgood's hands. When a wounded knight is brought to Mildenhall, Mariah keeps him alive. When he awakes, he has no memory, so Mariah christens him "Sir Knight." He's attracted to Mariah, and Edmond tells him that she's his daughter and a widow. Mariah gives in to her feelings for Sir Knight, but when he remembers that he's Sir Falcon of Gaveston, he returns to London and his betrothed.

Five years later, the widowed Mariah petitions the king for assistance to hold Mildenhall for her young son against Osgood's claim as heir. The king sends as his emissary Falcon, who senses that there's something Mariah is not telling him, and their attraction spins out of control.

Osgood is thrown out of Mildenhall by order of the king but returns with Falcon's former betrothed, Rosamund. Together, they plot to destroy Falcon and Mariah's love. Only by telling Falcon the truth can Mariah hope to keep her home, but she risks losing his love.

This is classic Mason, with good characters, a truly diabolical villain and villainess and a love-conquers- all romance. Her fans will be delighted and will put this on the top of their to-read lists. SENSUAL (Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin