Bernard de Lauren plans to ruin his enemy, Rourke Sommerville, by kidnapping his daughter, Catherine, and he has just the man to do it-his nephew Gervase St. Juste.

Though Gervase has sworn to hate the daughter of the man who ruined his home, killed his child and drove his wife to suicide, on the long road to his home he finds that Cat deserves his respect and admiration for her kind and gentle heart. She uses her cunning to not only try to escape, but to convince Gervase and his men to save a player's group and an entire town from Jean Cluny's brigands.

Gervase realizes that he has found the woman to heal his soul and reawaken his heart. After nursing Gervase back to health and rebuilding his home, Cat feels his injuries are due to her stupidity and vows to become submissive. But Gervase already had one submissive wife.

When the brigands attack their castle and a dark family secret threatens to tear them apart, both realize that their love is too strong for any curse or secret.

As the first book in Ms. Barclay's Knight Series, KNIGHT'S RANSOM has once again proved Suzanne Barclay to be a magician with words and a woman with heart. SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Natalie Rebecca Robin