Returning home from France where he'd been imprisoned for the past two years, Gowain de Crecy finds nothing but heartache.

After rescuing his two-year-old daughter from horrors no one should endure, much less a child, Gowain and his men journey home where he is met by armed men and his evil brother, Ranulf, who is bent upon killing him.

Finding shelter in the village with tenants who have fled Ranulf's abuse, Gowain and his men, along with a band of survivors, attempt to win the castle back and free the land and people from Ranulf's cruelty.

Lady Alys Sommerville is gifted in the healing arts. Her powers are such that she is forced into a life of near seclusion. Needing an escort to the abbey, her father entrusts Alys into Ranulf's care, little expecting the danger she faces at his hands.

Alys is abducted by Ranulf, who plans to force her to marry him. His plans are foiled when Gowain ambushes Ranulf's party. Alys is taken to Gowain's hideout.

As Gowain and Alys find they can no longer deny their feelings, they must overcome the obstacles that keep them apart and rescue the people from Ranulf.

KNIGHT'S REBELLION is a tender tale of the redeeming powers of love and its ability to overcome insurmountable odds. Ms. Barclay has penned a warm-hearted, adventurous and entertaining romance sure to please. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox