Image of Gawain (Knights of the Round Table)


Image of Gawain (Knights of the Round Table)

Rowley pens a hilarious and spellbinding tale of knights, witches and love. She dispels the myth that all Round Table knights are chivalrous and shows them as what they are: men. The hero, heroine and secondary characters lure readers into a time of honor and conflict.

Gawain's loyalty to the king comes at great personal cost when he weds an old crone who had a hand in saving the king's life. But the crone in question is actually a beautiful witch, Aislyn, who bears a grudge: Gawain left her years before, and she lost all hope of love. But he believed she was dead and mourned her with all his heart. When he discovers the crone he married is his beloved, his emotions go from happy to angry that she kept this secret from him.

The arrival of his mother and an aunt who attempts to teach Aislyn a lesson makes life uncomfortable and dangerous for them all -- until all spells are broken by love. (Jove, Sep., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith