Image of Knights of the Round Table: Geraint


Image of Knights of the Round Table: Geraint

Rowley begins her second foray into the world of Camelot with a scene that grabs your attention and then lets go, slowing the pace until she reaches a rousing climax. Those enamored of the Round Table will be entertained and enjoy this tale of a knight and his damsel.

To save her tribe, Lady Enid is chosen to train as a warrior with the Lady of the Lake. The Lady's three gifts allow Enid to fight like a man, but it is her woman's heart that surrenders to Sir Geraint in hopes that he will help her people combat their enemies.

A Prince of Cornwall and a Knight of the Round Table, Geraint rushes in to rescue a woman from attackers and is struck by her beauty and prowess with a sword. Their mutual and instantaneous attraction leads to a quick bedding and an even quicker marriage when they reach Camelot. There is no doubt they are well matched, but each has a mission: he to uncover if her tribe is a danger to Arthur and she to protect her clan. Torn between love and loyalty, they discover that by joining forces they can vanquish any enemy. (Jove, Mar., 410 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin